Noopept( also known as GVS-111) is a wonderful child of Russianneuropharmacy.Noopeptis considered as the best remedy among the smart drugs. Its chemicalname is N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It belongs to agroup of chemicals called peptides. Commonly said to be in theracetam class only due to the similar mode of action.

Accordingto many users, it is the best nootropic drug available on the market.In the US it is registered as a dietary supplement and in othercountries it is sold as a medicine.Itis very successful in the treatment of diseases such as: Alzheimer’s,senile dementia, dementia associated with alcohol and drug abuse, depression, chronic fatigue, concentration and memory problems.
I’mhealthy and I want to take a noopet, what can I expect?
Aboveall, improvement of all mental abilities, in particular: improvementof memory, increase of concentration, more energy, better reflexes,increase of motivation, increase of level of well-being.Inshort, it is an ideal substance for all people who workintellectually. Students, computer scientists, academic workers,doctors, lawyers, business people, bank employees and accountants allof them work better after taking Noopept. At the same time, much morework is done and the person becomes much more effective.
Whatabout the side effects ?
Ifthe intake does not exceed the recommended daily dose, side effectsdon’t occur.Thisis not an amphetamine or cocaine! The treatment should have aduration of at least one month and the longer it lasts, the betterthe effect is.Theeffect of Noopept is that it improves the circulation in the brainand the metabolism of the cells of the central nervous system. Butthese are the processes that take some time.Afterdiscontinuing of Noopept, the positive effects will persist for alonger period of time.
So,how to use it?
Therecommended daily dose is 10 mg to 30 mg. It’s best to take it in themorning or before noon. For example, 20 mg once a day or 10 mg in themorning and 10 mg before lunch. In some cases a single dose acts as avery weak stimulant. The full effect of the noopept can be felt aftertwo weeks and this is also the recommended minimum time of treatment.The normal cycle should have duration from one to two months. Theoptimal time seems to be the 6 weeks.
Isit worth it?
Ifyou feel burned out and ineffective, your work doesn’t meet theexpected results,thenit is much recommended to opt for noopept-treatment.Noopeptmakes a great career in the US and in the UK. Therefore, in a shorttime we can expect a strong spread in Poland.

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