4-BP; 4-bromo-piperein; 4-bromo-phenyl-piperazine

4-BP is the strongest stimulant in piperein group. We’ve already described 2,3-DMP, but it wasn’t a compound that could conquer the market. 4-bromo-piperein (4-BP) is different. It’s 4-5 times more potent than 2,3-DMP. Its effects last about 2 hours. It provides pleasant stimulation and energy influx. It’s mild for your body – it doesn’t harm your heart, as pentedrone analogs did (like NEP or HEX-EN). It feels like whole this energy and power is “natural”, coming from inside. It’s not alpha-PVP-like stimulation. Comparing 4-BP to other stimulants, it’s most similar to short-acting amphetamine or alpha-PPP.

First experiments started at 15mg dose snorted. Pain, pain, pain – piperein causes unbelievable pain to your nose. CFP is the least painful, but 2,3-DMP and 4-BP are extremely painful. After a while you can feel light coffee-like stimulation, warm feeling and you want to try some more. After taking 50mg pain is even greater but full effects are showing. During experiment you act naturally, it’s almost impossible to notice you are under influence of something. 4-BP is a pleasant stimulant for work and meeting with friends. When effects begin to subside, urge to take more shows up. But you also remember the pain so it’s mixed feeling.

The feelings accompanying 4-BP ingestion indicate that it raises the level of dopamine in the brain areas responsible for motivation and reward-system.
4-bromo-piperein, just like 3-chloro-4-bromo-piperein, is analog of piperein but its effects are completely different. It is a classical stimulant with a classic profile of action, while CFP is euphoric with a slight psychedelic effect of psychedelic at higher doses. According to first reviews, 4-BP hydrochloride cannot be smoked / vaporized. We are waiting for the German manufacturer to provide freebase Brein, in order to check whether it is suitable for smoking / vaporization. Snorting 4-BP is so incredibly P A I N F U L that it makes me doubt if anybody will research this compound that way. Swallowing seems to be the most reasonable way of administration.

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