2,3-dimetyl-piperein – one swallow doesn’t make a summer

Didn’t have to wait for an industry shift that long. New act is full of holes and leaves many doubts of legal nature. In XXI century imprisonment will be charged based on the regulation? Anyway, this note is not about the law. It’s about emergency of a new substance, which does not meet any legal regulation criteria. It’s 2,3-dimetyl-piperein (2,3-DMP). It belongs to a very atypical class of chemical compounds, which gives even more possibilities for modifications than ketones. Substance does not produce strong effect on central nervous system.

Users have compared doses in range 150-200 mg to weak street amphetamine or brephedrone in small doses around 80-100 mg. Further redosing of 2,3-DMP up to 500 mg did not result in effect intensification, only extended duration. Onset lasts for a few minutes after sniffing. The fact that sniffing is extremely painful and causes strong burning sensation deserves special attention. Main effects include subtle, pleasant stimulation and strongly lifted mood. Bodily temperature or perspiration may increase, although insignificantly. All actions are performed pleasantly on 2,3-DMP, it is not visible that one is on something when in company. Substance is pretty socialising – significantly eases contact with others.
Nothing special at first glance – it’s rather a strong anti-depressant or a motivator than new narcotic. There were substance much better in every respect in the era of ketones and amphetamine derivatives. Those, who love Hexen or NEP or alpha derivatives or phenidates will not find here anything for themselves. However, speaking of this substance three things worth consideration:
  • this substance does not meet criteria of regulation: it is not listed anywhere and its structure is not covered by generic law;
  • those, who decide to start their research only now will surely use this substance, both due to its legal status and to pleasant, unimposing effects;
  • it is only a matter of three month till analogues of 2,3-dimetylpiperein will appear, and those may be much stronger, targeting only euphoria or stimulation.
∞ For the first time since the generic law we got something that is not included in it, produces effects and gives a big field for further modifications. The first swallow has already flew in. Is it a herald of a new generation? One swallow doesn’t make a summer. But considering  history of the RC market, editors of WM will describe some interesting analogues in next few month.
∞ Molecular tree of life is growing.

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