Noopept( also known as GVS-111) is a wonderful child of Russianneuropharmacy.Noopeptis considered as the best remedy among the smart drugs. Its chemicalname is N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It belongs to agroup of chemicals called peptides. Commonly said to be in theracetam class only due to the similar mode of action.

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2,3-dimetyl-piperein – one swallow doesn’t make a summer

Didn’t have to wait for an industry shift that long. New act is full of holes and leaves many doubts of legal nature. In XXI century imprisonment will be charged based on the regulation? Anyway, this note is not about the law. It’s about emergency of a new substance, which does not meet any legal regulation criteria. It’s 2,3-dimetyl-piperein (2,3-DMP). It belongs to a very atypical class of chemical compounds, which gives even more possibilities for modifications than ketones. Substance does not produce strong effect on central nervous system.

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Po długim kolorowym, pełnym miłości i energii weekendzie mogą nastąpić jeden lub kilka pustych, zepsutych ostrą świadomością bezsensu życia tygodni.